How Should You Take HGH Supplements?

HGH creams and patches are the most common types of HGH supplements because they contain a small amount of this hormone conveniently that you can use on your body at home. However, it is essential to note that you shouldn’t apply more than four times a day. This will make your muscles more sensitive to active forms of HGH and ultimately harm your progress. It is best to start with two or three times a week before increasing the frequency to four times per day to prevent this from happening. Besides, you should not apply the cream on dirty or moist skin because it will reduce the storage capacity of this hormone and make you sweat more during training.


It is hard to train hard without using enough energy for recovery and muscle growth (which requires significant amounts of energy). Interestingly, breaking down proteins for muscle growth also requires energy (calories), particularly for strength training workouts, because muscle mass will only be created when these tissues are broken down. To maximize growth and minimize muscle loss, the former should be supplemented in conjunction with the latter. All that needs to be done is consume more calories for protein intake and get plenty of oxygenated blood supply through intense training sessions.


As mentioned above, Best hgh supplements for weight loss is produced at a minimal rate by the body and gradually declines as you age. So, using this hormone too much will eventually reduce effectiveness and might cause unwanted side effects such as lethargy and weight gain.