The significance of a traffic door

A traffic door resembles a regular door, but it is a component of your bifold door. You can open it without opening the entire door because it opens and locks fully independently from the rest of the system. The idea is to make connecting your inside and exterior spaces simple and convenient. Typically, commercial traffic doors have a hook bolt lock that is operated by a lever handle and key cylinder.

There are numerous design possibilities. It might be attached to the door frame, in which case it would not be a part of the bifold system, or it could be hinged to the door frame and function independently from the rest of the system.

The latter scenario may involve a door embedded within one of the central leaves in a system with either an even or an odd number of leaves, or it could involve the final door in a system with an odd number of door leaves.

A traffic door allows you to enter your garden without having to open the bifold, which can be a significant benefit. Additionally, it allows access from the outside even when your bifold door is internally locked, as it must be for security reasons. Bifold doors must all lock from the inside in order to prevent adding a vulnerability to your home security system.

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Customize your traffic door:

There are several possibilities for how to incorporate commercial traffic doors, as already described. Your system’s total number of panels, as well as whether it’s an even or odd number, will greatly influence the design.

The last panel, for instance, can be a traffic door if there are only three panels since you can add an external handle. However, if there are even numbers of panels, the end panel’s exterior face must fold inwards. A traffic door should only marginally increase the cost of your system as a whole.